“My alcoholic, playboy husband walked away and filed for divorce after two-and-a-half years of marriage,” says Marcea. “Dustin’s new take on our marriage is that he wants the divorce but would like to live with me and co-parent our daughter.”

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Marcea claims Dustin was on a sugar daddy website looking for “discretion” and “friends with benefits,” paying college girls thousands of dollars for “unknown services” – and that he even paid a ransom to prevent a photo of himself from being exposed.

“I woke up one day and realized that the world that I knew, didn’t exist. I feel like I live in Dustin’s world, full of lies and, unfortunately, other women,” Marcea says. “I laugh because Dustin plays the victim role a lot with me, but I feel that I’m the victim.”

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Dustin says that Marcea needs to accept that he wants a divorce. “I don’t love her anymore,” says Dustin, who denies dating any other women. “Being married to Marcea was really difficult because she wanted to control my every move … I’ve never hated anyone, but Marcea makes me feel like I hate her.”

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