“I would rather live in a friggin’ tent than in my own house with my wife,” says Matthew, who set up a tent in his garage and lived there for a week. “I had enough of my wife’s selfish ways and ran away and, quite frankly, I didn’t care if I was homeless.”

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Samantha says her loving husband Matthew’s behavior seemed to change overnight. She claims that Matthew hid under a bridge, spent $20,000 a month and further claims that he had “three psychic breaks in three days.” Samantha also claims that, after Matthew was voluntarily committed and released, Matthew “fled,” and she hasn’t seen him since.

In the video above, hear more about Matthew and Samantha’s relationship, including some strong words Matt says about his wife. Both Matthew and Samantha were ready and excited to meet with Dr. Phil but after some very strange developments, they disappeared. Did they make it to the show? Check here to see where you can watch Monday’s episode.


Woman Says Spouse Went From 'Being The Perfect Husband To Being The Devil'

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