“My wife, Nicole, is 100% cheating on me,” Marc declares. “I don’t know exactly with who, but I have irrefutable audio proof.”
Marc says he set up old cell phones in their apartment and has collected over 200 pieces of evidence that he claims prove his wife’s infidelity. “She was having sex with another man. I couldn’t visually see it, but I could hear it,” Marc claims. “I showed Nicole the footage, and she refused to come clean.”

Nicole adamantly denies cheating on Marc and says no matter how many times she refutes his claims, he won’t listen.
Marc gave Dr. Phil producers what he says are his top five recordings. See what happens when Dr. Phil plays one of them in the video above.
On Friday’s episode, "Humble Yourself and Admit You’re Cheating!" hear why Dr. Phil calls Marc a “loudmouth bully.” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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