Jennifer claims she and her husband, Billy’s, phones, computers, and various online accounts have been getting hacked for months.

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Billy says that before the hacking started, he received a message from a friend accusing Jennifer of having “infidelity issues.”

Jennifer says that’s when Billy started going through her phone, “To make sure I was not talking to anybody that I wasn’t supposed to be.”

Since then, she claims, every device they own has been compromised. Since then, she claims, every device they own has been compromised.

WATCH: Woman Alleges Hackers ‘Were Able To Get Into Any Device We Had, Whether There Was Any Internet Service Or Not’

“The worst part about this is that I look like I'm the one that's hacking him,” says Jennifer.

Denying that she has had anything to do with the hacking, Jennifer claims she’s called internet providers, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Secret Service, and even hired a private investigator, but says “Nobody has been able to help me.”

“At this point,” says Jennifer, “I'm determined, and I'm relentless. And I will clear my name.

Who does Jennifer say she believes may be behind the hacking, and why does Billy say he is “One-hundred percent sure” that it’s Jennifer?

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‘There Were Some Trust Issues,’ Says Woman Whose Husband Alleges She’s Been Hacking Their Digital Accounts