Kristin claims her admitted alcoholic mother, Marna, is also a “pathological liar.” She says not only does Marna lie to her; she’s been dishonest with her fiancé, Mark, about her history with substance abuse, her past criminal record, and her current employment status.

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In the video above, a tearful Marna finally comes clean when she tells Mark she’s been lying to him about having a job - and worse. “I knew that I had to somehow have the cash to maybe prove that I was working,” says Marna. She admits pawning some of Mark’s belongings; including a precious family heirloom that once belonged to his deceased father.

Mark says he’d already come to that conclusion – weeks ago. He claims he’s angry – but says he’s sticking by Marna. “I’m here to support her. I love her. She needs help.”

“Then you’d better tell her to straighten her ass up – or hit the bricks,” says Dr. Phil. “Because let me tell you something. If you enable this behavior, you are crippling her; the same as if you held her down and poured alcohol in her mouth. You cannot help her by excusing self-destructive behavior.”

Does Mark get the message? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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