“My mother, Nancy, has fallen for an online love scam,” says Darcy. “We have tried everything to prove this to her.”
Darcy and his wife, Lindsay, say they have shown Nancy episodes of Dr. Phil where women have been scammed, have reversed searched the images Nancy has given them of her online love, “Shaun,” discovering the images were of a French man, and even searched the address “Shaun” provided Nancy and learned it was an address used for other online scams – but they say Nancy still doesn’t believe she’s being scammed.  

“I gave my mother an ultimatum. It was either for her to speak to Dr. Phil, or I was done speaking to her,” Darcy says. “She didn’t change her mind about it, so Lindsay and I have had to cut her off.”
Now, Darcy says his relationship with his mother is “pretty much non-existent,” as he says she has chosen “Shaun,” whom she has only known for two years, over him. “In my eyes, my mother is dead to me,” Darcy says.
On Tuesday's episode, "'Talk to Dr. Phil or We’re Done!'," hear what Nancy says about her online relationship. And, see what happens when Dr. Phil reveals some information he’s found about "Shaun." Then, on Wednesday's episode, "Catfish Controversy: A Mom and Son Face Off!" Nancy and Darcy speak face-to-face for the first time in over a year. And find out a secret Darcy has been hiding from Nancy about "Shaun.” Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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