Ryan claims when his online friend, Michelle, passed away from ovarian cancer, she left him a diamond ring, an Audi R8, and a personal diary. He says Suzanne, the woman who told him she was Michelle’s twin, is executor of her estate; but she’s refusing to give him his inheritance.

Ryan says he and Suzanne struck up a friendship after Michelle died – but she wants more. He says he doesn’t want a romantic relationship with Suzanne, but he’s been playing along “to an extent” to keep her happy.


Suzanne, who claims she’s been struck with cancer, says she’s planning her wedding to Ryan, even though he’s never told her he’s “in love” with her.

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Ryan, “When she does transfer these assets, what’s your plan?”

Does Ryan plan to remain in Suzanne’s life after he receives Michelle’s bequest? And what happens when Ryan finds out Suzanne isn’t who she claims to be?

Tune in to part one of a fascinating two-part Dr. Phil on Tuesday. Check your local listing, here.

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