Sebastian travels the country as “Agent Sebastian,” founder of the “Cart Narcs.” He says his mission is to get “lazybones” shoppers to stop leaving their shopping carts in parking lots and bring them back to the cart return.

Sebastian records himself calling out shoppers for not returning their carts, then posts the videos online. He claims he’s doing a public service, but not everyone sees it that way.

“I’ve had many threats on my life being a Cart Narc, and besides a guy pulling a gun on me, I’ve had multiple people say they’re going to run me over,” he says.

Sebastian has numerous fans as well as critics. Some of his critics claim that he spends his time harassing and humiliating people for clicks and views. Does Sebastian deny the accusation? Watch Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Publicly Shamed By ‘The Cart Narcs,’” to hear his response to those who disagree with his methods.

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