“My mother-in-law is neurotic, insecure and attached,” says David. “If anyone goes against Susan's wishes, Susan's wrath is unleashed upon them. I'm done with it. I'm tired of the drama.”


David, who is married to Susan’s daughter, Bekah, claims that Susan always has her nose in their business. “When Susan comes into our home, she will rearrange the cabinets,” he says. “Susan thinks that she has a say in our marriage. And she does not. It's not her marriage.”

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He admits that he and his mother-in-law have gotten into verbal confrontations and now have a “broken relationship,” which he claims she has no interest in repairing. “All she seems to be concerned about is seeing her grandchildren,” he says.

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In the video above, David explains to Dr. Phil why he has kept Susan from spending time with her grandchildren. And, hear the lists of reasons David and Bekah say they believe Susan has a personality disorder. How does Dr. Phil respond? Can Susan mend things with her daughter and son-in-law so she can see grandchildren again? Check here to see where you can watch Wednesday’s episode.

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