Kyle and Jordan say they fell “madly in love” when they first met, and after two years together, they got engaged last July.

But the couple says their path to the altar has stalled and Jordan claims Kyle has become physically abusive, claims which Kyle absolutely denies.

“When I first started dating Kyle he was charming, he was outgoing. We quickly fell in love and I wanted to be with Kyle,” Jordan says. “About a year-and-a-half into our relationship, Kyle changed.”

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In the past few months, Jordan alleges that Kyle has pushed her to the floor, knocked her down the stairs, pushed her into walls, choked her, hosed her down with water and left her bruised with physical moves he refers to as “take downs.”

“Kyle has grabbed me by the neck and choked me. Kyle has slammed me into the wall probably 30 times,” Jordan claims. “He has kicked me and slapped me in the face. He has spat on me.”

Kyle, on the other hand, not only vehemently denies any form of abuse toward his fiancée (who does admit he can be “short-tempered”), but in fact claims that Jordan is the one with the problem and says “a take down” hold is something he does only to “disarm her” when he says she is attacking him.

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“Jordan knows how to push my buttons better than any other person … Jordan insults me. She’s mean to me,” he claims. “I feel Jordan is overly dramatic about the way she describes our lives. I don’t feel like I’m abusive because I don’t hit anyone, I don’t start fights. I’ve never been an aggressor.

“Jordan should never feel afraid of me, because she’s the woman I love,” he adds.

However, Jordan says she is scared and is uncertain about their future.

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“I feel guilty for talking about this, but I really want it to stop,” she says. “I love Kyle but I’m terrified of what he’s capable of and I’m terrified of losing him.”

Dr. Phil reviews photos of bruises on Jordan on Monday’s show, questioning them both as to how they got there. Plus, in part two on Tuesday, will Jordan and Kyle call of their wedding and will one or both walk away? Check here to see where you can watch.