“My life is a crazy mess right now,” says Greg, who is considering re-marrying his ex-wife, Amanda. “Part of me wants to be with Amanda, and a part of me wants to run for the hills.”

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Greg and Amanda were married for 15 years and divorced after Amanda admitted to cheating on Greg. During the last two years, the exes started dating again but recently broke things off – however, they are considering getting remarried. They both say one of their main issues is Greg’s mom meddling in their relationship.

“My mother and Amanda are constantly fighting, and I’m always in the middle,” Greg says. “When Amanda and I finally started to patch things up, my mother started to give me the cold shoulder, and we don’t spend time together anymore.”

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Greg also claims that Amanda is “incredibly jealous" of his mother. “If my mother asked me to come over and spend time with her, I will absolutely do that. Amanda feels that I’m being disloyal to her, and I believe that it’s a little crazy,” he says.

Greg claims his mother “can’t stand” Amanda because of her “loud and vulgar” behavior, but that she has treated his ex well. He says Amanda, on the other hand, “thrives on the drama."

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“My ex-wife blames my mother for everything,” the father of two says. “If there is a way my family can move forward, it’s going to be with Dr. Phil’s help."

In the video above, see what happens when Greg walks onstage. Will he choose to sit next to his mom or Amanda? And on Wednesday’s episode, can Dr. Phil help this family end their feud? Check here to see where you can watch.

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