Josh says he loves his fiancée, Jen, deeply but is ready to call it quits because he claims she scratches, slaps and punches him and has even pulled a steak knife on him.

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“My relationship with Jen is toxic, dysfunctional and abusive. She’s constantly beating me up and attacking me,” Josh claims. “Jen is a sociopath.”

Jen admits she has been violent toward Josh but says his reactions to her violence are much worse than anything she has done to him.

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“The first time that he slapped me was whenever he told me I wasn’t worthy of being the mother of his child," Jen claims. "I slapped him first, and then he slapped me back and pulled me by the hair." Another time, Jen says she tried to slap Josh, he pushed her off, and she fell and broke her collarbone.

Josh admits he has gotten physical with Jen but claims it’s only out of self-defense.

Jen says despite their tumultuous relationship, she loves Josh and doesn’t want to end their relationship. “I would definitely marry Josh tomorrow,” she says.

Is there any hope for this “toxic” relationship? See what Dr. Phil thinks on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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