“I think Joshua is a spiritual viper trying to suck my spirit out – and he’s not Jesus,” says Joshua’s father, Willie. He claims Joshua is delusional. Willie says Joshua went from being an “A student” to a National Guardsman serving in Iraq, to living life as a “wizard” - to believing he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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“Josh stated to me that he has ‘laid down the iron gates to Heaven,’ and the way through them is through him.” He claims Joshua - who is homeless - “is completely lost in a fantasy world,” and it’s tearing his family apart.

“I feel like when I told my family that I was Jesus, that they were not ready for that message,” says Joshua. He says his father doesn’t understand that it’s “God’s Will” for him to live on the streets as a “homeless Apostle.”

“Joshua told me that he doesn’t see me as his father anymore – he only sees God as his true father,” says Willie. “Joshua loves to push my buttons. He loves nothing better than to see dad angry, or upset – or even crying.”

When Willie tells Joshua he’s been hurting the family for three years, Joshua responds, “This family has been broken since I was 12.” He continues, ‘This is what I’m dealing with. I’m dealing with the brokenness of my family and I’m coming to God.”

Willie says Joshua needs to move past his parent’s divorce. He says his son is “broken” and he wants Joshua to get help “getting back to reality.” Does Joshua agree? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil. Find out where you can watch here.

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