Amanda and Alan discovered someone had been using Alan’s photos and identity to bait dozens of women in a catfish scheme for years after victims alerted them.

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The couple learned that a 24-year-old woman named Sarah was behind the catfishing and although they’ve confronted her, they say they don’t believe she’s done.

WATCH Man Claims Woman Who Used His Photo To Catfish Others Had Ongoing Conversations ‘With At Least 50 Different Women’

“Sarah has apologized to me for using my identity, but she’s a compulsive liar,” claims Alan in the video above.

Why does Amanda say she believes Sarah won’t stop?

Plus, learn how Sarah’s boyfriend, Ken, says he reacted when he learned what she was doing.

WATCH How Catfishing Destroys Lives

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‘ I Was A Bit Naïve,’ Says Man Who Claims He Had No Idea The Woman He’s Dating Was Catfishing Others Online