Chad says he used to be best friends with his twin brother, Blake, but that changed a little over two years ago. 

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“Blake’s obsessive behavior has 100 percent gotten in the way of our relationship,” Chad says. He says that Jake is a hypochondriac who admits to spending hours a day researching diseases – like leukemia, lymphoma, and schizophrenia -- and believing he has them. “I’m exhausted by constantly having to reassure Blake that he does not have the disorders that he thinks he has.”

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Chad says his brother has become unmotivated, depressed and has “no life in him.” “It’s really, really sad to see him like that,” he says. “I’m pretty confident if Blake’s behavior doesn’t change, we’re not going to have a relationship at all.”

In the video above from Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear why Chad says he’s angry with Blake and what he wants for him.
Hear how Blake’s behavior is affecting his relationship with his mother and his girlfriend on Monday. And, does Dr. Phil believe Blake has schizophrenia? Check here to see where you can watch.