“Caitlin is controlling, dramatic and violent,” says Robert of his wife. “She’s sent me text messages stating that she wants me and my family dead.”

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Robert, who has been together with Caitlin since 2000, says their relationship has always been filled with fighting. “Physically, she has kicked me, slapped me, punched me and thrown things at me,” he claims. “Whenever we fight, I’m always the bad guy. I’m always put on the spot and made to look like I’m at fault. She definitely antagonizes me to get the reactions out of me.”

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Caitlin claims Rob is a sad, angry, manipulative and vindictive guy, who has verbally and physically hurt her.

Robert claims that earlier this year, Caitlin had a “psychotic episode,” where she destroyed his tent with a razor blade and a paint booth with a baseball bat.

“I’ve seen Caitlin out of control before but I’ve never, ever seen her snap like that,” he says.

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Robert, who recently moved out of the house he shares with Caitlin, their two children and Caitlin’s parents, says, “I definitely need some help with anger issues, but she’s definitely needing some assistance too, because she is not in her right mind and she knows how to push me over the edge.”

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