When Larry found his wife, Carly, foaming at the mouth and with barely a pulse in their garage after being accidently electrocuted, he gave her CPR and saved her life. Now, Larry, Carly’s mother, Marie, and sister Maggie say that Carly is not the happy, smiley woman she used to be – and is exhibiting odd and troubling behavior.
“I just truly feel that she’s changed completely to a very insecure, jealous, lost person,” Larry says. “We’ll be discussing something really serious, all of a sudden, she’ll just break out laughing. It’s almost kind of evil.”

Marie and Maggie say that the day Carly was electrocuted was the day the “old Carly died.”
Larry says he’s noticed his wife’s talking has become slower, she has trouble recognizing people she’s worked with, she follows him around the house, and she has become extremely jealous. “I really feel like a part of my wife died that day,” Larry says.
Hear more from the family in the video above.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "Survived Electrocution, But Barely Living," hear why Carly’s stepdaughters say they aren’t convinced Carly’s behavior is a result of the accident -- and claim she may be faking it. Plus, Dr. Phil sent Carly to a leading expert in neuroradiology to conduct an in-depth brain scan. What will the results reveal? Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: ‘I Just Feel Like I’m Not Myself Anymore,’ Says Woman Who Nearly Died After Being Electrocuted

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