Christopher says after his wife, Carrie, suffered a series of medical problems, she was prescribed pain pills – and now he claims she’s a full-blown addict who will do anything to get the drugs.

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“Carrie’s addiction to pain pills has destroyed this family,” Christopher says. “The worst part about it is she takes no accountability for it and she always thinks that she’s the victim.”

The father of three claims Carrie has driven their kids around while under the influence and she once disappeared for over a month and never contacted him. When Christopher located her at a hotel, he says there were hypodermic needles, and Carrie weighed 95 pounds. Christopher says it’s this addiction that forced him to have the courts remove Carrie from their home, which left this former PTA mom homeless and living out of her luxury SUV.

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In the video above, hear more about how Carrie's addiction is affecting their family, including why Christopher and Carrie’s daughter Samantha says she felt like it was her fault that her mom was put on life support. And on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil.see how Christopher and Samantha react when Carrie reveals she is not only driving her 15-year-old daughter under the influence, but she has also used heroin in the school bathroom at her teen daughter’s sporting events. Check here to see where you can tune in.

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