On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, Arielle claims she knows that her father, Ivy, is not her biological father based on a DNA test she took and that her mother, Donna, has been keeping the truth from both of them. She claims the relationship between her and Ivy has been strained, which Ivy denies. Ivy insists that he has always considered Arielle as his daughter since the first minute he saw her, regardless of paternity.

Donna, who previously insisted that Ivy was Arielle’s biological father, admits she had an indiscretion with another man the year before Arielle was born. She claims to see traits from both men in her daughter and says she isn’t sure whether it was her husband or the other man who fathered Arielle.

Ivy says, “I’m done,” and leaves the stage for the second time during the three-part episode. After the taping, a producer asks Ivy why he walked away. Ivy responds, “I’ve never heard my wife say Arielle could be another man’s daughter. That hit a nerve.”

Donna says she has “never been asked that question before” and insists she has “always told the truth about everything.”

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