Wes says his wife, Aundrea’s, alcoholism has “completely destroyed” their family. He says the former PTA mom and preschool teacher lies to him daily and refuses to get a job because it would “cut into her drinking time.”

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“I have found hundreds of bottles and boxes of wine and liquor bottles over the years, and just last month, I found 10 boxes of wine under our bed,” Wes says. “I’ve come home before from work and she’s passed out on the sofa. One time, I walked in the bathroom and found her passed out underwater in the bathtub. So I pulled her out thinking that she was dead.”

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Wes also says that Aundrea has “ruined” them financially, totaling two cars, costing over $100,00 in lawyers, fines, doctors and counseling, and he had to use their house for collateral for her bond when she got a DUI.

“It makes me so angry that I have to protect myself from my own wife,” Wes says. “We’re all past being angry; we’re numb at this point.”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil tells Wes one of his fundamental rules for life. And on Monday's episode, Aundrea reveals a secret she says she’s been keeping from her family. How will they handle the shocking confession? Check here to see where you can watch.

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