Trever admits to getting physical with his wife of 16 years, but claims it’s mostly her fault for constantly mouthing off, accusing him of cheating and creating a chaotic home life.

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“Cindy goes out of her way to just make me miserable,” says Trever. “There’s no person on the planet that can push my buttons like Cindy. She knows what buttons to push and exactly how to manipulate me.”

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Trever says that Cindy will argue, yell and bitch at him for hours before he fights back.

“I don’t want to say she’s a crazy bitch, but she leans toward the pathway of crazy,” Trever says.

The father of three says that his wife’s lack of trust is the reason they fight often. “Cindy’s very controlling,” he says. “She watches my every move. Cindy’s obsessed with keeping tabs on me. She always thinks I’m cheating on her.”

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Cindy, who admits that she has hit her husband, claims that Trever has head-butted her, thrown her out of a car when she was pregnant and slapped her. “As his wife, he expects me to be obedient and his servant,” she says.

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Trever about the accusations against him. How does he respond? Is there hope to rescue this marriage? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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