“This morning when I was doing an interview for Dr. Phil, Jessica just up and took off. We don’t know where she’s at or anything right now, and I’m very worried,” says Jonathan about his ex-wife.

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Jonathan wrote to Dr. Phil because he says Jessica has drastically changed during the last eight years. He claims she’s “obsessed and consumed with her list of medical issues," including that she’s convinced she’s going blind. He claims she’s lost weight, doesn’t shower for days and is neglecting their children.

Jessica is adamant she’s going blind and admits taking care of her kids is no longer her priority.

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See the text messages Jessica sent Jonathan before disappearing. And, hear how he finally located her hours later. Did Jessica agree once again to appear on the show? Check here to see where you can watch Monday’s episode.

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Dr. Phil Shares Theories As To Why Woman May Believe She Is Going Blind