Tom is insistent that his fiancée, Teaka, has been cheating on him with multiple men. He says he has installed cameras in his home and claims he has evidence to prove her infidelity.
Tom brings three videos to Dr. Phil that he claims prove Teaka has been cheating. In one, Tom claims he can hear another man’s voice. In another, Tom says he can see two shadows in bed performing what he says is a sex act, and in a third, Tom claims he can hear two people having sex. Watch some of the videos above – and hear Dr. Phil’s thoughts.
On Monday’s episode, "'Is My Fiancée Cheating with the Mailman?!'" Teaka says she’s adamant she’s never cheated on Tom. Hear why she says she feels like a prisoner in their home. And, see what Tom says is his “smoking gun” evidence of Teaka’s infidelity. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Man Claims Fiancée Has Cheated On Him With The Mailman And Has Had Sex With Men In Their Home

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