Kathy, 58, lives with her 32-year-old son, Erik. Aside from sharing a home and bills, they share an addiction to heroin.

"I do think it's abnormal for a mother and son to be into heroin addiction," says Kathy. "I found out Erik was using heroin. I tried it ... I'm kind of embarrassed that I did like it. I started off once in a while ... I snort five or six lines per day now."

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Turning to Dr. Phil, Kathy says, "I'm supposed to be the mother, there's something wrong here ... How the hell did I get to this point?"

Dr. Phil tells Kathy, who rationalizes that snorting heroin isn't as egregious as shooting it up: "You're a mother doing heroin with her son ... It's ridiculous. It's disgusting. You're doing heroin with your child. That's a ridiculous excuse for a parent."

"I feel guilty about introducing heroin to my mother's life," admits Erik, who estimates that he spends upwards of $15,000-$20,000 per month on drugs for both of them.

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"Where the hell are you getting that much money?" Dr. Phil asks.

"From hustling, basically," responds Erik.

"Meaning you're a dealer."

"Basically, yeah."

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