Danielle says she met Ryan on an online dating site. She says he seemed like a “good catch” at the time, but Danielle claims that four months after they began dating, she started to see a different side of Ryan.

In the video above, Danielle, who is now six months pregnant with Ryan’s child, claims he’s a Narcissist. “He’s very full of himself. I always say it’s ‘The Ryan Show.’”

Danielle says Ryan knows how to push her buttons. She claims he calls her fat and tells her things that make her feel insecure.

“I’ve got to admit, I enjoy the drama we have,” says Ryan.

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Danielle says she’s also concerned that Ryan is cheating on her. “I do fear that if Ryan doesn’t change, that I may be forced to make a decision to leave him.”

Ryan says Danielle can “stay with me or leave me, but don’t expect me to change.”

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Will Ryan reconsider his position and try to change his ways to stop Danielle from leaving him? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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