Robert says he has been communicating with “Sophie Preston,” one of his five "online girlfriends", for two years. He says the 25-year-old, who “could easily” be his wife, is currently living in California but that she is homeless and awaiting a $5 million inheritance. He also says that when she gets the money, she will give him $50,000 in exchange for the money he has sent her.

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Robert, however, has never spoken to or met “Sophie,” so Dr. Phil did some investigating to see if “Sophie” really is who she says she is.

Dr. Phil examines “Sophie’s” passport alongside the passport of a staff member. In the video above, see what Dr. Phil determines about the document – and see Robert’s reaction.

WATCH: Text Message Exchange Between Man And His ‘Online Girlfriend’ Who He Has Sent Money To
On Tuesday’s episode, hear from Robert’s ex-wife, who says she believes her 70-year-old former husband of 40 years is being scammed. And on Wednesday, see what a Dr. Phil investigation that goes across the country reveals about Robert’s online love interests. Check here to see where you can watch.