Jeff claims that the first person he was ever in a relationship with cheated on him and says it had an impact on all the relationships that followed. He’s claiming that Audrey, his wife of 20 years, is a sex addict who has had affairs with hundreds of men, which she categorically denies.

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Audrey says Jeff has become verbally abusive in their marriage and she’s tired of living with his accusations.

WATCH ‘I Live In Constant Fear Of Upsetting Him,’ Says Woman Who Denies Husband’s Claim She’s Cheated Hundreds Of Times

“If the roles were reversed, and I had cheated on Audrey, I would divorce her because I could never live with the guilt,” says Jeff in the video above.

Tune in to Wednesday’s episode to learn how Audrey responds when Jeff tells her that if he’s wrong about her cheating on him, he’d have to “disappear” from her life. Plus, what does Jeff reveal about what happened just before his first marriage ended?

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