Laurie claims that her father, John, is a hoarder and describes his home – where she also currently lives - as her “own personal hell.”

John admits he has some hoarding “tendencies” but insists his home is “not that bad.” He says he’s wanted to clean up his house and property for years but hasn’t had either the financial resources or the practical help to get it done.

Dr. Phil introduces John to Sharon McRill, professional organizer, author of “Downsizing The Silver Tsunami: Who To Call And Where Does The Stuff Go?” and owner of The Betty Brigade, a cleaning and downsizing company that specializes in helping clients who struggle with hoarding.

“We work with folks all the time on helping them to find homes for their stuff,” says Sharon, who has offered her company’s services to help John.

When Dr. Phil asks if he is willing to “take this opportunity to really clean this thing up,” what is John’s response?

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