Jason claims his mother, Patty, sided against him during his divorce in 2014, then cut him off financially. Now he says he wants nothing more to do with her. Jason claims that Patty is mentally ill and abuses prescription drugs and he wants her to stay away from him and his two daughters.

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Patty adamantly denies Jason’s claims. She says she stopped helping him financially after she learned he was using steroids. Patty claims Jason is abusive and a “raging maniac.”

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Jason denies that he is abusive. He admits he’s used steroids for years and says, “I just don’t get where it’s that big of a deal.”

When Dr. Phil asks him whether he thinks the steroids are affecting his impulse control, how does Jason respond?

Plus, find out why Jason’s girlfriend, Stephanie, claims that Patty violated a restraining order by texting her an emoji.

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