Olympic volleyball medalist Kim Glass says the justice system let her down after she was assaulted with a steel bolt by a homeless man reported to have had prior arrests for aggressive behavior.

“I found out that he had already attacked another woman with a metal pipe; another woman that he chased also and attacked with a metal hammer,” Kim says, adding that the man had allegedly also attacked a third woman with golf clubs and had walked away from multiple rehabilitation facilities.

Continuing, she says, “They had given him multiple chances to get himself right, and they trusted him – I don’t know why – to make the best decisions for himself when obviously he wasn’t capable of doing that.”

Tune in to Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“How Safe Are Our Streets?’” to hear what Kim says the man reportedly told police when asked why he assaulted her. And later, Dr. Phil talks with former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Irene Lee, who claims she was attacked two years ago by the same man who assaulted Kim.

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