Tommy says for the last decade, he’s been suspicious of his wife, Rachel. He claims she has cheated on him with multiple men, has been chatting online, and has put herself in promiscuous situations. Tommy says as his wife’s alcohol consumption has increased, so has his distrust of her. Last year, he claimed his wife of 31 years hired a hitman to kill him.
Watch the video above to hear what Tommy says happened on the day he claims a hitman was hiding in a laundry room waiting to murder him.
Rachel calls Tommy’s accusations ridiculous and adamantly denies cheating on her husband or hiring someone to kill him. Hear more of their story on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'My Wife Hired a Hitman,'" and hear how the couple says Rachel’s excess alcohol consumption is affecting their marriage. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Woman Accused By Husband Of Hiring Hitman To Kill Him Defends Herself

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