Jeremy says he’s convinced his wife, Kelly, has been poisoning everything from his soda and donuts to the milk he has on his cereal. Claiming he started experiencing symptoms of pain, fatigue, rashes, headaches, kidney stones, and more, just a few weeks after he gave Kelly paperwork to fill out for a life insurance policy.

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Jeremy says he looked up borax poisoning on the internet after he found a box of the powder in Kelly’s car, and can’t figure out another reason for his symptoms. He’s accusing Kelly of trying to kill him, so she can collect his life insurance, and move with their children to Florida.

Kelly agrees Jeremy’s symptoms are real but denies trying to poison her husband. She says he had brain surgery for a medical condition called Chiari malformation and has been suffering from paranoia, delusions, and depression for the past year.

When Dr. Phil shows Jeremy how much borax he would have to ingest to have any toxic effect, Jeremy says, “I could be totally wrong on what she was using, but I went from being a totally healthy person to laying on the couch sick every day with her going ‘get up there’s nothing wrong with you.’”

What does Jeremy’s Doctor say about Jeremy’s claim that he’s being poisoned? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday.

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