In late November 1981 Actress Natalie Wood and her husband, actor Robert Wagner, were spending Thanksgiving weekend onboard their 55-foot yacht, “Splendour,” along with Christopher Walken, Natalie’s co-star in the film “Brainstorm.” On November 29, the 43-year-old actress drowned in the waters off Southern California’s Catalina Island. 

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Wood’s death was initially ruled as an “accidental drowning” by the Los Angeles County Coroner. Then, in 2011, authorities reopened their inquiry, changed the cause of death to “drowning with other undetermined factors,” and named Wagner as a "person of interest.” He has reportedly refused to speak to investigators since the case was reopened.

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Roger Smith led the lifeguard team that recovered the body of Natalie Wood. In an interview from the podcast series Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood, Smith, who claimed he noticed scratch marks in the hull of the smaller vessel near where Wood was found, said he later learned that she “Could have lived 3 to 5.8 hours hanging onto that raft, being blown out to sea, before she succumbed to the cold.” 

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“Natalie Wood didn’t have to die,”  claims Dylan Howard, investigative journalist and host of the Fatal Voyage podcast. Tune in to Friday’s episode to learn what he says two additional witnesses claim they heard on the night Wood drowned.

Plus, what does a piece of evidence reveal about a rumored sexual encounter between Natalie Wood’s husband and her co-star?

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Did Natalie Wood Call For Help The Night She Drowned?

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Playing Did Natalie Wood Call For Help The Night She Drowned?

Did Natalie Wood Call For Help The Night She Drowned?