Cory claims that a decade ago when he pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery of a minor, he wasn’t given a choice.

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“I never had a chance to offer my story to the police,” he says, adding, “The best offer that I was given was to take a plea deal to a Class A misdemeanor.”

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Though he served 150 days in jail, Cory maintains he did nothing wrong. He claims he received four non-sexual massages from a young woman he insists he didn’t know was underage until she allegedly tried to extort $2,500 from him on the threat of turning him in to the police.

Cory’s 18-year-old daughter, McKenzie, who claims he abused her as a child, a claim he adamantly denies, says she decided to cut ties with him years ago after learning about his past. Cory claims McKenzie has been “negatively impacted” by what she’s read about him on the internet.

Tune in to part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airing Monday to hear how Cory responds when McKenzie accuses him of “playing the victim.”

Is McKenzie ready to accept Cory into her life? Find out on Tuesday’s conclusion.

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