Cory says that in 2009 he received four non-sexual massages from a young woman he insists he didn’t know was underage until she allegedly tried to extort $2,500 from him on the threat of turning him in to the police.

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He claims that, in 2010, he was “backed into a corner” by the prosecutor when he was given the option to go to trial on felony charges or serve jail time for a Class A misdemeanor. Cory pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery of a minor.

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“That is inappropriate touching of somebody outside of the clothing in the state of Utah, which is not even a sex offense,” he says, maintaining that he did nothing wrong.

“Not only was I victimized by being backed into a corner, but my ex-wife was victimized by this whole thing. My daughters have been victimized by these allegations and it makes me sick,” says Cory.

When Dr. Phil asks, “Would you like to know my response to that?” how does Cory respond?

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