After 31-year-old Justin, who's living on a friend's couch, admits that he's "tired of living," Dr. Phil gives him a powerful wake-up call.

Asked to describe his young daughter -- whom he hasn't seen in months -- Justin says, "She's so wonderful. If you could sum it up in one word, she's wonderful. I would die for her."

In the video above, Justin opens up about his cousin who shot himself dead. "I still miss him," he says through tears. "It turned my world upside down. I couldn't believe it."

"It leaves a legacy of pain behind, doesn't it?" asks Dr. Phil.

"It does. It still hurts," responds Justin.

Dr. Phil asks, "Can you imagine a father doing that to his daughter? Can you imagine what a child says to themselves when they have a parent do something like that? They say, 'I was not enough to inspire my father to want to stay here, to want to be here for me. So I have to have my birthday parties without my dad. I have to graduate from sixth grade without my dad ... My dad is not there to walk me down the aisle because my dad didn't care enough about me to stay in this world.' So what I tell you is that you don't have the right to be tired. You don't have the right to check out. You say, 'I would die for my daughter,' then by God live for your daughter."