Marc says that in the 26 years since his girlfriend, Laurie Depies, vanished without a trace, he has experienced numerous health problems and personal setbacks including depression, mood swings, asthma, cancer, a brain tumor on his pituitary gland, and the loss of his home in a fire.

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He says that without Laurie,” My mind, my body, my life – everything fell apart.”

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Marc admits to self-medicating and drinking to cope with his losses.

Dr. Phil says stress takes a toll.

“We need to get a baseline on you,” he tells Marc, referring him to the PNP Center.

Continuing, he says, “They can go in there and just really evaluate you one time, right, for sure and find out where you are biochemically, look at your labs, look at your brain; find out what’s going on and hit the reset button.”

Life coach and author of the book, Best Self: Be You, Only Better, Mike Bayer, who has been talking with Marc about his losses, also offers to set him up with a life coach through CAST Centers.

Will Marc accept the help he’s been offered?

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Plus, learn why Dr. Phil suggests why anyone dealing with grief or loss listen to the MindBody Connection from PNP Center co-founder and Dr. Phil Advisory Board chair, Dr. Frank Lawlis.

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If you have any information on the disappearance of Laurie Depies, please call the Wisconsin Department of Justice: 608-266-1671.

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