When Hector Campos shot and killed his neighbor Ana Weed on January 24, 2017, he claimed it was self-defense. He said that Weed’s dogs and Weed attacked him while he was in his driveway cleaning out a car and that he shot her to end the attack.

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However, Weed’s family claims it was a premeditated action and that Campos was upset with Weed for helping his wife and baby daughter return to Mexico. They claim Weed, who had just had neck surgery, couldn’t even lift her arms above his head and there was no way she went after him.

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After questioning Campos about the shooting, Dr. Phil says to Campos, “You think what you did was reasonable? Under the same or similar circumstances, you would think you would do the same thing and have the right to do it?”

“Self-defense events, they happen all the time,” Campos says to Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Wednesday. “I want to get along with everybody. This was something that was forced upon me, just like a head-on collision. What happened on the spot was the best course of action that I could have took. And she was the element that caused this.”

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Dr. Phil asks him if he has remorse for what happened.

“I love everybody,” Campos says. “Everything you do has a risk. She was at the age [where] you know the risk you’re taking. The burden of proof is on her to be more mindful of her actions.”

“So you’re saying it’s her fault she’s dead?” Dr. Phil presses.

“It’s everybody’s,” Campos replies. “We both came together that day and that was the outcome.”

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Watch more of their conversation in the video above, and tune in to the entire episode on Wednesday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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