“My husband Eric is hostile, impatient and impulsive,” says Sheri. She accuses Eric of fussing over everything, from how they raise their kids to how she cleans the house. “It’s definitely Eric’s way or the highway.”

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“I have some basic rules that are quite simple – I think,” says Eric. “These rules are broken daily.” He says he likes to run what he calls a “tight ship.”

Eric says he feels that If the family would just obey his rules, he wouldn’t have to yell – “a little” – to keep them in line. And, he admits, he can be “a baby” when he doesn’t get his way. “I just feel that my way is easier. All I ask in return is just a little respect from each and every one of them.” Eric says Sheri “knows how to push my buttons, and I feed right into it.”

“He tells me I’m a miserable bitch. He calls me a pig. He calls me a slob,” says Sheri. “That doesn’t make me feel too good.” Eric concedes he has an explosive temper and has called Sheri names in the past.

In the video above, the spouses acknowledge their sparring isn’t just verbal. Eric says when he’s feeling overwhelmed he goes on tirades. “They’re aggressive – I want to hit something,” he says. Eric has been arrested over 40 times, including 15 times on charges related to alleged domestic violence.

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Sheri says she’s used to being on the receiving end of what she refers to as Eric’s “temper tantrums.” But now that their daughters are older, she claims Eric is taking his aggressions out on them, too. She says the children are scared of him.

Eric claims Sheri is the one setting the bad example, by teaching their daughters to be disobedient. “There’s always controversy – confrontation – back-talk,” he says.

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After 11 years together, Sheri says she wonders whether her marriage can be salvaged, or if it’s time to call it quits.

Watch Friday’s Dr. Phil to find out whether this couple with a turbulent past can put an end to the mayhem, and turn themselves around to create a better life for themselves and their children.

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