When Lois first appeared on Dr. Phil in 2020, she said her online love interest, “Fred Adler,” told her he was an Oklahoma resident who was stranded overseas without access to his finances. Lois admitted to sending money to “Fred” on multiple occasions to help him get home, but for one reason or another, he never made it back to the United States.

Via video conferencing, Dr. Phil introduced Lois to Mark, who lives in North Carolina. Mark said he had recently learned that he was a victim of identity theft and that his photos had been stolen from social media and were being used to catfish women online. Lois’ friend, “Fred,” appeared to be using Mark’s stolen photos.

Lois acknowledged that she was being scammed at the time but now admits that she has continued her online romance with “Fred Adler” and has continued to send him money, disregarding Dr. Phil’s advice to end all contact with him. Lois says that “Fred” convinced her he is real and that Dr. Phil and his staff were mistaken about him using Mark’s photos.

On Friday’s conclusion of this two-part episode, “Lois Meets ‘Fred’ Face-to-Face: Will She Finally Believe?” Mark meets Lois in person to explain the true origin of every image “Fred Adler” used to lure her in. When Dr. Phil asks Lois, “Do you believe that that’s him?” how does she respond?

And later, Lois meets Jane, another recent guest who tells Lois that she also disregarded Dr. Phil’s advice about her online relationship and regrets ignoring the proof that she was being catfished.

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