Brooklyn and her husband, Eddie, say they felt violated after their smart home devices were hacked and their privacy invaded.

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Brooklyn says she was home alone with her three children the first time she heard unfamiliar voices speaking to her 8-year-old daughter through a security camera in the living room. She called her husband and police, then took the kids and left. Two weeks later, she says, they contacted her through social media, threatening to “take action” against her.

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“I don’t know who these people are. I have this fear that they are anywhere and everywhere,” says Brooklyn, noting she’s been terrified to leave the house.

Eddie claims that two weeks after the initial incident, he received a voice message threatening Brooklyn’s life.

“Normal people walk around feeling safe. And when you don’t feel safe any longer - it changes everything,” he says.

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Couple Learn Identity Of Alleged Cyberstalker

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