Paul says his parents, Frank and Carrol are the reason he has over 30 security cameras in his home. “I feel like my parents have sent family members to my house to spy on me and I know they’re there,” he says, claiming he hears voices in his house and attic.

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“They’re talking about what I’m doing, this and that, sometimes get mad at each other and yelling. And then I hear somebody calling somebody else,” says the 48-year-old.

Paul says he believes it’s his son, daughter, or sister who has been spying on him, on his parents’ behalf.

Carrol and Frank deny spying on their son. They say that when he was 14, Paul touched a high voltage power line, was electrocuted and hasn’t been the same, since.

“There was no way to know how bad the damage was and a part of me always thinks that has something to do with his problems he has for the rest of his life,” says Frank.

“I’m so on high alert listening that I might be hearing things that aren’t there,” admits Paul, revealing that he’s been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He says he believes the diagnosis is right, “But to be honest, I’ve always had the feeling of being watched.”

Why does Paul claim his parents are to blame?

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