Laurie says that as far back as she can remember, her father, John, has been a hoarder. She claims that nearly every room in the house they share is filled with “junk” and that every year the problem keeps getting worse.

John admits he has a “mild” case of hoarding and claims that one of the reasons he has “let the house go” is because of his “crippling depression.” He says he has never fully recovered from Laurie’s mother divorcing him in 2013, his mother’s death in 2016, or a traumatic incident that happened when he was 4 years old.

“I watched my 2-year-old sister accidentally killed,” he says, noting that he was the only witness to the event that stole the child’s life – and that he has never fully recovered.

“All of this clutter and all that you’re living with does nothing but complicate your ability to focus on and resolve those issues,” says Dr. Phil in the video above.

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