Ed’s family claims his personality shifted dramatically shortly after undergoing neck surgery in 2019. They say he’s had manic episodes, quit his job in the aerospace industry, left his wife and kids, and started street performing and preaching as “Cowboy Tygg.”

“I believe that Ed’s mania was brought on by his excessive alcohol [use], his failed marriage, and the intense pressure of his job,” says Ed’s stepfather, Charles. He says that, over a period of months, Ed became increasingly manic, eventually threatening the family.

Other family members blame Ed’s shift in personality on his use of medical marijuana, which was prescribed following his surgery. His niece, Jessica, says, “Once he started smoking that medical marijuana, it was about a month later that we say he snapped. It’s almost like it brought out an underlying mental illness.”

Does Ed’s family say they noticed any issues with either substance abuse or his state of mind prior to him using medical marijuana? Watch the video above to find out.

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