Sheri says her three daughters are old enough to understand - and to question - both the physical fighting and the verbal sparring that goes on between her and her husband, Eric. The girls sometimes get caught in the crossfire of their parents’ altercations.

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In one accidental incident from 2011, one of the children ended up with a fractured skull, which led to Eric being charged with aggravated cruelty toward a child and all three girls being removed from the home. They were placed in foster care for three years. They might have been returned earlier, but Sheri says she wasn’t working her case plan, and was deliberately noncompliant for the first year after her children were taken away.

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In the video above, Eric explains that the incident happened when he and Sheri were separated. He admits there was a restraining order against him at the time, and he wasn’t supposed to be on the premises. However, he says, he went anyway, to keep an eye on the girls.

“The children were playing hide-and-go-seek – My oldest daughter was hiding behind a garbage can – at the same time I was throwing pavers into a garbage can,” says Eric.

“He let go of the rock at the same time she was running, and it hit her in the head,” continues Sheri.

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“The children got taken, they went into DCF, and I went to jail,” says Eric. He says he served a year in jail for violating the injunction against him, and for initially providing false information to the authorities in the hopes he might escape liability for violating the injunction.

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Can this couple stop their fighting, put an end to the chaos, and make family life better for their children? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Friday to see what happens.

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