Ryan says he and his wife of nearly five years, Danielle, are close to divorce. One of the reasons, he claims, is because Danielle is verbally abusive.

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“Danielle has a lot of anger inside of her, and she seeks out conflict on pretty much a daily basis,” he claims.

“I’ll admit that my anger is sometimes off the chart,” says Danielle, adding, “I can go from 0-100 in the snap of a finger.”

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Ryan also says that in 2017, Danielle told him she wanted to be a sugar baby and that he later found out she had cheated on him.

Danielle, who admits to cheating on Ryan once, says, “We owed $20,000 to the IRS. I only wanted to sign up to be a sugar baby to put us back in a better financial situation.”

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Danielle claims Ryan initially agreed to her working as a sugar baby. She says he then changed his mind, filed for divorce, and lied about her in court documents while threatening to take full custody of their 2-year-old daughter.

“Ryan claims that I’m a prostitute and that’s absolutely not true,” she says.

Ryan says Danielle told him something about her past that led him to reconsider the divorce, but he had one condition he wanted her to meet. What was it?

Plus, does Danielle say she wants to stay married to Ryan?

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