Tarek, a massage therapist lost his license to practice after more than a dozen former clients accused him of sexual misconduct during paid massages over a three-year period.

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“Tarek violated me,” claims Julia, one of Tarek’s accusers. She alleges that during her massage, Tarek’s private parts touched her.

WATCH: Massage Therapist Who Denies Accusations Of Misconduct Learns Results Of Polygraph Exam

“It made me a little bit angry that Julia came up with this allegation,” says Tarek, adding, “I think she just wanted attention.”

Tarek vehemently denies all the allegations against him and says that it’s all been a big “misunderstanding.”

On Tuesday’s conclusion of this two-part episode, "'A Masseur Facing Allegations of Sexual Assault: Polygraph Results Revealed!'," Dr. Phil welcomes four of the world’s leading human behavior experts to analyze Tarek’s body language, and also invites leading polygraph examiner John Groban to reveal the results of a polygraph requested by Tarek.

Watch the video above for a recap of part-one, "Up to 18 Allegations of Sexual Misconduct: 'Help Me Clear My Name!'.” then check local listings to find out where you can watch Tuesday's conclusion.

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