Alyssa’s husband, Nick, suffered massive head trauma, and after more than a year in a long-term care facility, he passed away. Since Nick’s death, Alyssa’s friends and family say she’s been spiraling out of control. They claim her constant drinking and partying is causing her to neglect her kids, bring home strangers, and over-spend.

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But Alyssa says she doesn’t think she’s an alcoholic. She says she grieving and trying to cope the best way she knows how.

WATCH: Grief-Stricken Widow’s Friends And Family Say She Drinks And Parties Too Much

In the video above, Alyssa speaks about losing her husband. “Nick was my best friend, my biggest supporter – and he was always there for me.” She says after Nick died, she had trouble processing everything. “No one tells you how to do that.”

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Later, surrounded by friends and family; Alyssa describes for Dr. Phil how she’s been coping with what she calls the “agonizing” loss of her husband. “I was married 20 years to my best friend, so I think maybe in 20 years I’ll quit grieving,” says Alyssa. She admits to drinking basically every day to deal with her pain but says she’s cut back in recent weeks.

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Tune in to Thursday's Dr. Phil to see what happens when Dr. Phil talks to Alyssa her about her “risky” behaviors. Later, Alyssa’s friends and family admit things didn’t work out too well when they tried to stage an intervention.

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