On January 14, 2018, police in Perris, California say they made a horrific discovery: they claim 13 children were being held captive by their parents, Louise and David Turpin. Police say the children, ages 2-29, were allegedly starved, tortured and shackled to beds. They claim their bodies were so frail, the older children appeared to be years younger than they are.

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So how could something like this happen in a suburban neighborhood with no one noticing? And, if someone suspected something was amiss, what could they have done to help the children.

Dr. Charles Sophy, a board-certified psychiatrist in three clinical specialties and the medical director of the Department of Child and Family Services in Los Angeles, offers his thoughts.

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“The thing that people should be doing is you can call the police and get a welfare check,” Dr. Sophy says. “You’re not alleging abuse or neglect, but you’re saying, ‘Something doesn’t seem right.’ And you can do that anytime, and that will trigger CPS if needed.”

In the video above from Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Sophy gives an update on where the children are now and what their mindset may be as they begin to heal.

This episode airs Monday. Watch more here.

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