Karin claims drinking “Jilly Juice” – a beverage made from fermented cabbage water and Himalayan pink salt - caused her to suffer two strokes. Karin claims that when she complained to the creator of the drink, Jillian Epperly, she was called a “fear monger” and blocked from Epperly’s online group.

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Epperly claims “Jilly Juice” has restorative properties and that individuals drinking it have the potential to reverse disease, regrow limbs, arrest the aging process and possibly remedy homosexuality.

Calling Epperly’s claims for the beverage “Outrageous,” Doctor Adrienne Youdim, an Internist specializing in clinical nutrition and obesity medicine and an associate professor at both Cedars Sinai Medical Center and at UCLA. She says ingesting the large amount of sodium recommended in the “Jilly Juice” recipe carries a very high risk for stroke.

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Ingesting sodium in high quantities, she says, can also result in other acute problems such as brain hemorrhage, seizures, respiratory distress, and organ dysfunction.

“We don’t have all the answers,” she continues, “But one thing that is certain is that a particular concoction cannot change the very complicated neurodevelopmental issues that result in these diseases to come about.”

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The Ohio Attorney General’s office has reportedly sent Jillian Epperly a letter requesting proof of her “Jilly Juice” claims. AGO spokesperson Dan Tierney told “Dr. Phil” staffers they “Cannot confirm or deny any investigation is going on at this time.”

‘Proceed With Caution,’ Says Dr. Phil On Unsubstantiated Benefits Of Claimed Health Beverage